Heat and Mass Transfer

Modular Process Plants

Heat and Mass transfer

ProProcess Engineering uses state-of-the art process simulation software to design and optimise absorption and distillation processes. Our experienced Chemical Process Engineers are able to interpret laboratory, pilot plant and process simulation data to ensure our clients receive cost-effective and fit-for-purpose process solutions.

We are able to cover liquid-liquid, gas-liquid and gas-solids mass transfer operations for the chemical, petroleum and hydrometallurgical industries. Heat and mass transfer very often combine in a complete process solution, and our abilities extend to the design of heat exchangers and other thermal processes. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is often used to determine fluid distribution and/or pressure drops, particularly in complex systems involving compressible gases.

Our Process Engineers work closely with our engineering team of Mechanical Engineers, in what is often an iterative process, to design columns, heat exchangers and process vessels with safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mind.

Heat and Mass transfer modularised process plants
Heat and mass transfer tank
Heat and mass transfer tank

Our Mechanical Engineering team has the tools and expertise to work with a variety of design codes and standards, including API 650 for large atmospheric tanks and ASME VIII for pressure vessels. The engineering and design scope covers vacuum, atmospheric and pressure vessels in a variety of configurations and sizes, as well as many different materials of construction to suit a whole range of process environments. Finite Element Analysis (FEL) may be used to analyse complex designs to limit stress and ensure long-lasting mechanical integrity.

Mechanical designs are detailed for manufacture by skilled drawing office staff which cover all disciplines, including civil and structural supports for process equipment. All designs are generated with 3D CAD software, and equipment assemblies are produced in 3D to ensure all interfaces are matched. Shop detailing is produced in-house for our Fabrication business unit. CAD files may be exported directly to CNC machines for exact material cutting, ensuring a seamless transition from design to manufacture.

Modular heat and Mass transfer plants
Heat and Mass transfer plant
Scalable Heat and Mass transfer modular plants
Heat and Mass transfer plants

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