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Who is ProProcess?

ProProcess is a vertically integrated engineering company supplying modular process plants and modularised electrical solutions (skid-mounted or containerised switchgear). We supply pilot plants, demonstration plants and small-scale commercial plants. We specialise in the Hydrometallurgical and Oil & Gas sectors.

Vertical Integration

Via our 3 vertically integrated subsidiaries, we are able to offer the full suite of engineering, fabrication and automation & electrical services to ensure your projects are delivered on time & in budget. Our engineering company supplies modular process plants via the EPS contracting model. Our Fabrication and Automation & Electrical subsidiaries supply services to ProProcess Engineering but also to their own independent clients.

ProProcess Engineering Company

We are an engineering solutions company offering the full spectrum of engineering services via the EPS contracting model, that culminates in the building of world-class, pre-tested, modular process plants and containerized switchgear.

At ProProcess, we encompass innovation and offer our clients the best possible solution for their chemical engineering and electrical engineering needs. Modular plants are deployed faster than conventional stick-builds and offer further economic, environmental and safety benefits, thus tying into your ESG needs. Our solutions are plug-and-play systems that are pre-fabricated and tested at our facilities before shipping for final installation. Our containerized or skid-mounted solutions make them highly mobile with drastically reduced installation times. Speak to us about your modular pilot plant, demonstration plant, small-scale commercial or electrical switchgear needs.

For items that have been requested numerous times, we have a range of pre-designed and pre-tested process plant modules available to select from. Selecting from these, cuts down on engineering time and project schedule, thus benefiting the cost and delivery time on your project. We are a process engineering company providing solutions to the global market.

Via the in-house utilisation of world-class systems, software, quality control & assurance, we meet international engineering standards & specifications. We service the following industries:

EPS for Modular Process Plants

ProProcess supplies pre-tested, modular process plants and electrical solutions via the engineering, procurement and services (EPS) contracting model. The EPS project execution methodology is a structured and process-driven approach for effectively managing your project from its inception to its operational phase.

The project initially undergoes a scope definition or pre-execution phase, during which your process flowsheet and parameters are thoroughly examined and established. Once your flowsheet is approved, your project progresses to the detailed design and engineering stage. This is then followed by the procurement, construction, start-up, and commissioning phases. Within the EPS project execution methodology, close collaboration between the project team, you and any other stakeholders is maintained to ensure timely delivery, adherence to budget, and fulfillment of quality standards. This method offers flexibility, allowing for customization to meet the unique requirements of your project.

We split our EPS services into 4 broad categories: Concept Development; Basic Engineering or Front-End Engineering & Design (FEED); Detailed Design & Fabrication; Installation & Site Support. Using this approach, we are able to join your project at any stage of its implementation. Contact us for all of your process engineering requirements.

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