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Fire Detection and Suppression Services

Our involvement in the petroleum industry often requires protection of our clients’ assets from the devastating damage that a fire can cause. The risk of asset and production loss is not limited to the petroleum industry, and we often encounter the need for fire protection in the chemicals and hydrometallurgical industry, where they make use of volatile and flammable reagents. ProProcess believes that because we have a fundamental understanding of the primary processes involved, we are in a better position to provide suitable fire detection and suppression designs for these facilities.

There is often a trade-off between the value of the asset to be protected, and the cost of the fire protection system. We will always consider the most cost-effective method whilst ensuring than the protection is fit for purpose. Fire detection and suppression is ‘reactive’ rather that ‘proactive’. The ProProcess approach is to be ‘proactive’ and therefore always consider ways to prevent fires, rather than detecting and suppressing them after they have occurred.

ProProcess employs the services of fire engineers and risk specialists with extensive experience in the industry.

The industry is closely regulated, and our engineers have detailed knowledge of the standards and codes of practice required for the design of a variety of different fire detection and suppression methods.

Clean Agent Gases

ProProcess’ experience includes the following:

  • Containerised Fire Pump System
  • Specialised Mining Fire Systems
  • Plant Wide Fire Systems

Fire Systems are designed in accordance with:

  • ASIB – The Automatic Sprinkler Inspection
  • Bureau (Pty) Ltd
  • NFPA – National Fire Protection Association
  • SANS – South African National Standard

Types Of Agents Used:
ProProcess’ experience includes the following:

  • Clean Agent Gases
  • DCP – Dry Chemical Powder


  • Spray
  • Deluge

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