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Our Automation and Electrical engineers provide solutions ranging from pre-feasibility to post-commissioning optimisation. Our engineers are highly skilled in design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning and are adaptable to join your project’s journey at any stage. By fully understanding your project-specific needs, we provide performance-driven turnkey electrical automation and electrical systems.

PPAE aims at lowering project costs and lead times. We possess in-house expertise in the full E,C&I spectrum. Our modular solution services include:

Electrical Engineering Services

Engineering Services

ProProcess Automation & Electrical (PPAE) is a subsidiary of the ProProcess Group of Companies, focusing on system integration & automation by supplying rapidly deployable electrical and instrumentation skid-mounted or containerised switchgear. We are an electrical panel builder that supplies motor control centers (MCCs), industrial control panels (ICPs), programmable logic control panels (PLC’s), remote input & output panels (RIO), industrial control panels and any other LV switchgear or instrument related equipment. The business unit supplies equipment both to our vertically integrated projects within the company group structure but also services its own, independent clients.

Electrical front-end engineering & design (FEED)

PPAE provides concept-level EC&I front-end engineering and design for various studies. This prepares a solid foundation for detailed design during the execution of a project.

Detail engineering & micro-level design

We offer a holistic, detailed and integrated solution on projects that ranges from small skid-based electrical assemblies, all the way to new green field E/House installations.

Instrumentation engineering & design

At ProProcess we not only service the modular process plant environment, but also specify single instrument sale solutions as part of our procurement services.

Control system engineering & design

Our control system engineering and design abilities vary from small controller options to multiple PLC networks and communication protocols.


Our control system engineering In addition to commissioning, we provide professionals to assist with the smooth ramp-up, optimisation and operation of plants. Data logging & analysing: We provide customised plant historian, perfect for analysing and piloting features.


PPAE provides a combination of engineers and technicians to complete commissioning from C2 – Power on Tests to C4 – Tests with Product.

PLC software development / HMI & SCADA software development & deployment/system integration

We boast a dedicated team focussing on software development, HMI design and SCADA deployment. Our site teams then integrate our systems into the various plant control systems.

PLC software development
Panel Builder Services

Panel Builder Services

The team at PPAE shares the new world vision of modularisation with minimal site work. We have developed numerous solutions to minimise site work which include the ProProcess QuickConnect, Premium Containerised MCC and other standard Building Blocks. The designs and construction of our motor control centers, programmable logic controllers, RIO panels and other electrical panels meet the highest quality standards and adhere to various international electrical specifications.


PPAE ensures the quality of its products. To this end we employ an ECSA Certified EC&I engineer to oversee our automation and electrical operations and designs. Our installations are executed by qualified electricians and the entire electrical engineering compliment is registered with the SAIEE. We have the ability to ramp up quickly when the need arises. Thus we ensure that all our projects are delivered within budget, on time and to the highest quality standards.

Our quality, environmental and occupational health & safety management systems are certified by the International Organization for Standardization. We hold the following ISO accreditation:

ProProcess ISO 9001 Accredited
ProProcess ISO 45001 Accredited
ProProcess ISO 14001 Accredited

PPAE is an electrical panel builder that designs and manufactures to international standards. We are a certified UL508a Panel Builder, supplying control panels to the north American market. We also supply control panels coal mines to AS4871.1 specification.

ProProcess UL508a Accredited
Logstrup Switchgear Manufacturer
Containerised Motor Control Centers (MCC)

Containerised Motor Control Centers (MCC)

PPAE builds and deploys Premium Containerised Motor Control Centers and Switchgear Solutions which are robust enough to withstand the worst transport conditions to remote locations. Our versatile units are supplied as Modular, Skid-Mounted, Containerised or E/House Solutions. They are designed to accommodate all climate regions and are fitted with complete HVAC to ensure the temperature requirements within the modules is achieved.

We are a Løgstrup certified partner and supply their switchgear and controlgear systems in our modular solutions, thus meeting and exceeding IEC 61439-1/2 standards. Our Low Voltage Switchboards are fully IEC61439 & SANS1973-3 compliant (up to 7000A).

AS3000 wiring rules

“PPAE conforms to the AS3000 wiring rules. The wiring rules includes the wiring of buildings, structures, and premises. The code directly relates to wiring of PPAE’s products like Switchboards, Control Panels, RIO Panels, Motor Control Centers and LV Switchgear, to name a few for the Australian and New Zealand market. “

We are a Løgstrup certified partner and supply their switchgear and controlgear systems in our modular solutions, thus meeting and exceeding IEC 61439-1/2 standards. Our Low Voltage Switchboards are fully IEC61439 & SANS1973-3 compliant (up to 7000A).

Motor Control Center Builders
PPAE QuickConnect System

PPAE QuickConnect System

ProProcess focuses on minimal site work and rapid deployment of modular process plants. To support this vision, PPAE developed the QuickConnect system, where male and female sockets are used for interconnecting cables. The QuickConnect system was designed in such a way that equipment and human safety is not compromised

PPAE is dedicated to playing our part for a greener future by contributing to the long-term power diversification mix. We supply solar PV systems and power storage solutions for our clients.

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